CLEAN & SAFE STATEMENT for Touristic activities
· Establishment according to Health Measures ·

We are happy to announce the activation of Clean & Safe regulations from Turismo de Portugal IP.

We believe that these regulations came in the right time, and we know from both customers and partners that this commitment is very important to restore the safety and confidence to live freely and enjoy life.

Hotels, restaurants and general touristic services are applying the necessary health & safe procedures in compliance with health authorities, regarding the re-establishment of the majority of both sportive and touristic incoming activities.

In general, this means that special health precautions is being implemented, alongside existant essencial cleaning services, to restore customers´ trust.


Customers and staff from hotels, restaurants, airports, travel agencies, transfer services and tour operators, must comply with:
- flow of information on digital support when it is possible, avoiding physical contact;
- Respiratory hygiene - Mouth and nose covering with a tissue when coughing or sneezing;
- frequent handwashing with 70% alcool-base solution;
- use personal protection equipment such as surgical mask or N-95 specially on indoors enviromnment;
- Maintain a safe social distance, avoidind direct contact;
- Health auto monitoring and self evaluation for body temperature and general sensations
- Social monitoring to prevent critical behaviours from others, working as a team to maintain safe procedures.


Public establishments such as hotel facilities, restaurant, buses & transfer vehicles, etc, must ensure:

- Safety and relevant information spread in visible spots for both customers and staff (public areas and private areas);
- individual equipment of protection to every person;
- Alcool-base dispensers coeherently located and signalized;
- Separated trash recipients for critical waste;
- Disinfection of common areas and critical surfaces consistently;
- Coherent air renewal of rooms and common areas;
- Monitoring the flow on common areas, preventing an high density;
- Special monitoring and disinfection on critical areas such as swimming pool, jacuzzi, wellness areas, etc, as well as equipment of individual use such as health club equipment, car seats, door handles, sportive equipment, etc;
- Specific clean care at food and restaurant areas and objects;
- Designated room to prevention/isolation of possible covid19 infected individuals, to be signalized if needed;
- Pre-determined safety procedures to follow in case of critical areas contamination.

This certification is valid until 30 April 2021.
Thank you for reading.

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