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Enjoy Cycling across Portugal

Salty Atlantic Tour3

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Clean & Safe

We are happy to announce the activation of Clean & Safe regulations from Turismo de Portugal IP

Aveiro RC

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World HBT1

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Add itens to your tour make it even more special

Hybrid Bike Rental

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Add this bike to your tour.
Lightweight Hybrid Trekking/MTB bike, multispeed, Rear Rack equiped

E Bike Hybrid

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Add this bike to your tour.
E-Bike Hybrid Rental

Gravel Bike

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Gravel Bike daily basis rental

MTB Bike

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MTB Hardtail Bike Rental


About Us

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A tour operator for the active and sportive tourism markets.

WhAT WE DO with passion

We combine a selection of Portugal POI's to produce the best possible offers, powered by a promotional brand developing cycling adventures and experiences

a group of friends

Sharing a passion for the nature and the sports, and the search of living the unique experiences that an outdoor activity can provide.
In our essence we converged into this as an outcome of the challenging spirit, the overcoming of each individuals limits and the pursue of greatness feeling of living.
We want to collect good memories and experiences, rather anything else, so our visitor can benefit form it.

General terms

Reservation & Booking terms

· This section regulates our service, how to book, change, cancel and manage a reservation.
· By booking a service, the Customer is accepting these terms.
· Services are available to book at 12estradas.com platform or at an authorized representative such as travel agency partners
· Please notice that any fees mentioned below refer, with no exception, to each person (PAX)
· Discount coupons of any kind always refer to base-service self-guided rates; extras, upgrades, supplements or optional items are not elegible.
· Travel agency vouchers are accepted.

Reservation details
· Customer must understand the Tour features and specifications as described in the tour program, and setup with «12estradas»(now 12E) some details according to his/her own needs/expectations, such as:
· Arrival Date, Flight info if applyible, Transfer date/ time and location, people/luggage Transfer options, Accomodation, lunch/dinner programs if applyable, Equipment options and any preferences or special demands to be considered.
Personal, data such as: name, address, passport or id card nr/authority/expirationdate, Birhday, HEIGHT, Weight, special needs or handicaps, such as allergies, etc.
· Customer must provide «12E» with this relevant data so the experience may be as good as possible.
· When reservation datails are set and ready to proceed, then the reservation is ready to book.

Customers may book a tour, under the following conditions:
· A pre-payment deposit of 30% is required to book.
· Payment of the remaining amount, until 61 days before Arrival Date

Customer may change Arrival Date, Departure date, Transfer, tour program or any tour Item, under the following conditions:
· Any changes/updates or upgrades must be requested by e-mail only.
· When these changes are confirmed by tour organizer, Charges / fees may apply.
Changes' acceptance/fees:
· Major Updates requested within 31 days before arrival are not accepted
· Updates requested From 32 to 45 inclusive days prior to arrival: 280 EUR fee /PAX
· More than 45 days prior to arrival: 90 EUR fee /PAX

«12E» may apply tour updates, under the following conditions:
· Any updates shall be comunicated to Customers
· As a tour program are set, it is usually unlikely to change during tours season. «12E» keeps right to modify its terms when or where it justifies, in order to get around unexpected conditions.
· In this unexpected cases, «12E» will always adopt an appropriate sense to make reasonable changes
· In cases of a specific hotel unavailability, «12E» will arrange a similar rated inn
· The same applies to the equipment; All images in the website may not be binded to the effective.

Bookers may cancel a reservation at any time, under these conditions and charges:
· Cancellations must be requested by e-mail only.
· Within 35 days before Arrival: 100%
· 36 to 60 days before Arrival: 50%
· 61 days before Arrival: DEPOSIT

«12E» may cancel/re-schedule a reservation at any time, due to unexpected conditions:
· with no charge at all to the customer.

Late reservations
within 45 days before arrival, may have additional/unexpected fees
· As for the engagement of these tours, which involves a lot of planning and logistics, and a crucial need of availability from all partners, we are positive that customers are aware of this specially during high season and special season.

«12E» is a portuguese brand, owner of the registered web platform «12estradas.com», and registered at the portuguese official tourism authority, ie Turismo de Portugal, IP under its CEO license number RNAAT 1135/2019 .

We do not accept responsability for any subject that is no strictly mentioned in the product or service's conditions list.

· The customer has the right to being informed of every single detail.
· If any issue is found, a contact must be made imediatelly in order to resolve the matter
· We have a complaint book.

· All sensitive and personal information provided by Customer is ruled in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation - EU Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament, which we are commited to accomplish.
· This Regulation and the Privacy Policies are in the Privacy section.

· Traffic regulations and law enforcements are mandatory
· The use of an helmet is mandatory
· The use of some reflective clothing is advised.


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· This website uses cookies. Cookies are small files generated inside the visitor's device to store generic information about the navigation, and improve the quality of the experience, reduce the lost of information and making the flow of processes easier.
· With the using of cookies the webpage navigation shall be progressively more accurate to users preferences, as it allows, for example, the system to retrieve the composition of a shop list, user session activity and form info.

1. Visitors do not need to enter Personal information to simply navigate this website, except when booking or contacting.
2. Visitors shall read this section and General Data Protecion Regulation (GDPR) before submiting personal data
3. By submiting a contact form or a reservation form, Visitor is accepting these Personal Data & Privacy standards.
4. Visitor personal data, when submitted, is collected and used strictly regarding the services' purposes.
5. No personal data is voluntarily provided to third part entities, except by Law enforcement from official entities
6. Visitor has the legitimate right to privacy and confidenciality, the editing, erasing and portability of his/her own personal data.
7. The use of customer photos/pictures may occurr in promotional related articles in our platform, when customer expressly agreed.
8. 12ESTRADAS assumes no responsibility for ocurrences from which is not directly related.
9. Authenticity is checked by email when a contact occurs, specially from a erb form.
10. We are available to assiste and colaborate with customers, regargind his/her rights under the GDPR law enforcement.
11. Portuguese Authority: Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados - CNPD - www.cnpd.pt - email: geral@cnpd.pt.

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